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Myths and Facts about Counselling

By December 12, 2022Blogs, Employee Assistance ProgramViews: 486

Mental health issues bother every person’s daily life. Anxiety and depression have become common terms, especially among young adults. But the problems are still not considered ‘real.’ Psychological problems are not attended to as physical sicknesses are. Counseling and seeking therapy are regarded taboo topics, especially in India. Yet, reports suggest that about 56 million Indians suffer from depression. The nation has one of the highest prevalence of mental health issues, but it is still barely recognized as a serious issue.

Due to the stigma associated with counseling and psychotherapy, only 10-12% of Indians seek professional help for their mental health problems. This lack of regard soon transpires into an increased suicide rate and drug abuse. Therefore, it is crucial to unlock common misconceptions about seeking counseling.

Busting the 6 most common myths about counseling 

Although WHO dubbed India as one of the most depressed countries in the world, we do not find Indians seeking professional help and counseling for their issues. Counseling is considered a shameful activity, supposedly undermining the victim’s character in society.

Myth 1 :

Seeking counseling is for the weak, mentally ill, or crazy.


Life is riddled with difficulties and problematic situations. It’s common for people to fall apart under certain circumstances. Be it a teenager struggling with addictions or an adult having a hard time with his career. Feelings of grief, sorrow, and guilt cloud our minds and interfere with our daily lives.

Seeking professional guidance on overcoming these challenges does not make us weak or crazy. It shows smartness and self-awareness. Counseling opens up active paths to closure. The guidance allows you to understand your emotions and teaches you how to resolve your issues.

Myth 2 :

Therapists sit behind desks taking notes while you lie on a couch.


Counseling sessions with therapists are not very different from explaining to a doctor your health issues. Despite how social media represents therapy, it does not involve lying on a couch and discussing your problems.

Counseling is a two-way communication. The mental health professionals participate in active discussions with you and suggest personalized solutions for dealing with your difficulties and being in touch with your emotions. As physical closeness isn’t necessary for the discussion, these sessions can take place online over video conferences.

Myth 3:

Psychotherapy is mostly just talking and a waste of time.


Psychotherapy is the remedial solution for your mental health issues. It involves treating your brain and mind to build resilience. Professional psychotherapists are trained individuals with degrees. They have studied human psychology and behavior to deliver certified solutions to your problems.

Therapists follow proven methodologies and elaborate frameworks to understand your feelings and provide personalized suggestions accordingly. Counseling sessions give you authenticated activities and assignments to complete as a step to overcoming your problems.

Myth 4:

Psychotherapists have ready-made solutions for all of life’s problems.


Your life is different, your problems are unique, and the circumstances that led you there are unique. There is no one-size-fits-all approach with psychologists. These certified therapists listen to your issues and discover the root cause behind your state of mind. They find an interconnection of events and circumstances that led to your mental condition.

Therapists bring out your preferences and needs and offer personalized guidance to your goal. They utilize proven activities and exercises for you to follow. Counseling transforms you into a healthier person who knows how to handle emotions. It allows you to take control of your mind instead of the other way around.

Myth 5:

Psychotherapists prescribe medications that are very addictive and dependent for the rest of their life.


Psychotherapists suggest remedial activities and mental exercises. These steps are aimed at improving your mental health and understanding emotions better. The therapists do not prescribe medications for your problems.

However, in severe mental illness diagnoses of depression, or insomnia, psychologists refer you to licensed psychiatrists who prescribe you the necessary medications. Psychiatrists are trained physicians specialized in assessing, diagnosing, and treating mental illnesses. They offer non-addictive and strategic doses of medication for a highly systemized treatment.

Myth 6:

Therapy is not necessary if you can talk to a good friend.


While it’s important to have someone to talk to, counseling is much more than that. Therapy sessions involve you seeking guidance from a certified professional about your mental health. Therapists listen to your issues and make expert interpretations about your mental state and how you reached there. Counselling gives you an unbiased view of your emotions, offering you optimal guidance toward composed mental health. The psychology sessions are a non-judgmental space for you to seek professional help.

A common fear is, “People will know that I am seeing a counselor.”

Seeking counseling is nothing to be embarrassed about. It shows that you are in touch with your emotions, recognize that you are facing issues, and are mature enough to seek professional help. 20% of the US adult population visits a psychologist weekly. It is considered a healthy way to understand your feelings.

However, counseling through the Employee Assistance Program at the office remains highly confidential. Information disclosed in the therapy session stays between the employee and the counselor. Only in cases of suicidal tendencies does the counselor breach the contract and informs a loved one.

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