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For a workplace that allows an individual the space to be fearless, confident, secure and harmonious

We ensure a workspace,

That enables an employee the freedom and power to be fearless and secure

That fosters a harmonious and diverse work culture

Is free from all forms of harassment, sexual or otherwise

Is progressive in thoughts and actions

Where the mental health of employees is of top priority

Where seeking assistance is no more a taboo

Prevention of Sexual Harassment

Your employees are entitled to a sexual harassment-free workplace.
Comply with the code of conduct, Prevention Of Sexual Harassment(PoSH) policies, and Say No to sexual harassment.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity brings out creativity.
We offer assistance and workshops for employees and managers to knit a diverse and inclusive workforce for an innovative and empowering workplace.

Employee Assistance Program

Impart the knowledge and importance of emotional wellness to all employees through our Employee Assistance Programs.
Our Employee Assistance Program guarantees your employees' holistic and emotional well-being. Employee Assistance Program = Happy employees + Productive organization.

Say no to Sexual Harassment, as your org DNA

An employer’s predominant duty is to provide a sexual harassment-free workplace to all employees under any circumstance.

Our motto is to transform your workplace into a safe and harassment-free zone.

We deliver PoSH training programs for managers and employees and offer needed assistance to comprehend the code of conduct and signs of sexual harassment behaviours at the workplace.

We strive towards empowering your women employees to speak up against any form of harassment behaviours, sexual or otherwise, in the workplace, seek proper assistance, and report cases of sexual harassment.

Our team trains your HR and IC members to handle sexual harassment complaints discreetly and promptly and take appropriate actions to avoid harassment behaviours at the workplace.

Become compliant, go beyond and help your organization internalize a culture that paves the way to a secure work environment – with CecureUs.

Diversity & Inclusion to revolutionize your organization's thoughts!

Diversity is the key factor that steers an organization’s creativity and unleashes the true potential of its employees.

With the current global trend and progressive thought processes, Inclusive Diversity is invariably a competitive differentiator and shifts market share towards organizations that value and embrace employee diversity.

Apart from employee diversity, how an organization projects the essence of and imparts inclusiveness in teams makes it a true frontrunner!

Collaborate with Cecureus and weave together diverse teams that prize intellect, potential, and creativity over gender, language, age, sexual orientation, skin colour, spiritual beliefs, race, or ability, for a more creative, inclusive, diverse, and harmonious workplace.

Employee Assistance Program = Happy Employees + Productive Organisation

One of the foremost contributors to employee dissatisfaction is workplace stress and lack of work-life balance.

Rid your employees of their anxiety and stress through CecureUs. Break the taboo around counselling at the workplace and offer them the much-needed assistance through our Employee Assistance Programs.

Show them that you care for their physical and emotional well-being with our assistance through a custom-made Employee Assistance Program.

Prioritize your employees’ mental health, and they will ensure that your customers are delighted!

A harassment-free workplace that prioritizes safety, security, diversity, inclusivity, and a Vibrant work culture that flows with creativity is our secret!

Employees sensitised

We are a team of like-minded individuals striving to become the change we wish to see in the corporates across the country.

We believe that POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment), D&I (Diversity and Inclusion), and EAP (Employee Assistance Program) are interlinked and integral to building strong and lasting foundations of a workplace that exudes an atmosphere of safety, fearlessness, and security to all employees, true to its Latin name, Securus.

Our intent is to achieve 100 percent safe workspaces free from any form of sexual harassment, pioneer organizations that value and comprehend the importance of diversity and inclusion, shatter all stigma around mental health and transform your workplace into a pool of talented, happy, and satisfied employees.

Our CEO Viji Hari, an SME consultant, and trainer, has worked with innumerable corporates, catalysing change towards Diversity and Inclusion. She is a veteran in helping workplaces become compliant with Sexual Harassment laws, also contributing as a third-party panel member in several Internal Committees to prevent sexual harassment at the workplace.

Her book, BCC: Behind Closed Cubicles, portrays her passion and expertise in the Prevention of Sexual Harassment and has garnered great appreciation from the HR fraternity for her well thought out solutions to true-to-life stories behind the cubicles.

Her second book, BTT: Break The Taboo, a commendable effort, is curated with real-life stories on mental health, narrated by expert psychologists from the country. It helps employees gain a broad perspective on mental wellness and how their organization’s Employee Assistance Programs can be a boon to resolve multiple conflicts in their personal and professional lives.

To know more about CecureUs and our offerings, do write to

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What Our Clients Say

We had the IC training conducted online though we would have definitely preferred a face to face. The Trainer conducted the session so well, she ensured all participants were involved. The quizzes that were part of the session and the overall packaging of the session was very well done. The entire session was interactive and personalized. She used real time examples and made the session exciting and understandable even though the subject is heavy. Many in the group were members for the first time and she ensured everything was covered well. Thank you CecureUs team.

Aishwarya NAssistant General Manager - L&D, Brigade Enterprise Limited

It was an amazing session, the subject couldn't have been explained better by anyone else than Viji Hari. A sensitive subject yet put across in a subtle way. Our people were able to understand the thin line between 'harassment' and 'sexual harassment'. Glad I attended that session and recommend Cecureus to corporates looking to set up their POSH policy/committee and training their employees as well.

Uma KeshavGeneral Manager, Finance and Legal , Toyota Connected India

We have been associated with CecureUs for the last one year towards enhancing the Anti Sexual Harassment policy at DISYS India Pvt. Ltd, including training of our employees, managers & the IC members.

Their expertise in this area is exceptional and have provided great support in the organization level PoSH activities. Their information and survey analysis helps the management and HR team to understand the employee's thoughts on Sexual Harassment and Workplace Harassment. DISYS India has been a happy customer of CecureUS and expects great relations and continued support moving forward. The personal care from Viji is always there to help us in implementing the policies.

Kumar RajagopalanVice President - India Operations, DISYS India

Let's Build Secure & Harmonious Workplaces