Calling all organizations to participate in the
CecureUs POSH Safe Workplace Awards 2022!

Appreciation can make a day, even change a life! Your ability to put
it into words is all that is necessary

Margaret Cousins

True to educationist and theosophist Margaret Cousin's saying, nothing motivates us more than those words of appreciation we receive for our efforts. For some, it can be a life-changer!

We at CecureUs strongly believe that recognition and appreciation matter significantly in an organization’s transformational journey in creating secure and harmonious workplaces. Our ‘CecureUs Posh Safe Workplace Award’ aims to celebrate, honour, and reward an organization’s initiative to become the top horse in PoSH practices in the Indian corporate world! A feather on your cap, this prestigious award highlights your commitment to creating safe and harmonious workplaces for your employees, especially in this VUCA(Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world!

Our Criteria for judgment

An organization's ability to create effective PoSH policies to cover physical and online workspaces.


How equipped are the Internal Committee members in handling and resolving PoSH complaints?


An organization's efforts to create awareness among its employees. Are frequent training and effective e-learning programs in place? How effective are they?


Prompt submission of reports to the government.


Any organization across the country, across sectors, from start-ups to established tech giants, mandatorily implementing and executing PoSH policies in the workplace is eligible to nominate themselves and be a part of this event!

Do you believe your organization has zero-tolerance for sexual harassment in the workplace? Do you have end-to-end PoSh compliance policies in place? Do you consider your organization a safe workplace for all employees, irrespective of their rank and file? 

Winners of ‘CecureUs Safe Workplace Awards 2022’ will be announced in January 2023! We eagerly look forward to the nominations!

For any queries or concerns, drop an email to, and we are ready to help you!

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