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CecureUs presents
Secure and Inclusive Workplace Awards

Honouring the organizations upholding paragons of a modern workplace.

CecureUs Inclusive Workplace Awards 2022-2023

CecureUs celebrates companies that inculcate a culture of diversity that stems from many sources including gender, race, age, nationality, sexual orientation, culture, education, and life experience. 

Our belief is that building a welcoming and inclusive culture is imperative for people to do their best work and essential for the companies’ long term success.

We foster diversity & inclusion and  amplify underrepresented voices to empower communities of different backgrounds.

CecureUs Employee Assistance Program Awards 2022-2023

In a conservative society, where mental health and counselling are still taboo, we believe that even taking that first step towards breaking the stigma should be recognized.  

CecureUs EAP vertical strives to make this a reality in organizations across sectors. We believe that mental health awareness is a must for every organization, and Employee Assistance Programs are the way to achieve the same. 

CecureUs EAP Awards 2022 is our first venture to identify, recognize, and appreciate organizations with progressive thought processes. We believe that employers should strive to build and normalize the concept, ‘It’s OK to Seek Help’ around mental health, counselling, and holistic employee welfare.

CecureUs PoSH Safe Workplace Awards 2022-2023

With increased awareness, many companies in India have been taking initiative to create a safe, diverse and inclusive workplace. As a token of acknowledging this effort, CecureUs is organizing this PoSH Awards ceremony.  The results will be announced in March 2023. 

The awards are split into four parts – Safe Workplace, Best Culture, Best Organisation for POSH and an Exemplary award.  

It is an absolute honour for us to host this event in an effort to recognise and reward the leaders of the organizations who have excelled in this worthy cause of creating safe work culture for their employees. 

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Important Dates & Deadlines

Awards open for nomination

Nomination last date : Feb 24, 2023

Award Day: Mar 23, 2023

Step into the spotlight and shine a torch on your organization’s unwavering commitment to creating a discrimination-free and harmonious workplace by registering for the awards. Open to all companies operating in India, regardless of sector, with a minimum of 200 employees. Take the lead and nominate yourself to showcase how your PoSH/DEI/EAP programs have made a tangible impact, supported by solid evidence of measurable outcomes. Join the ranks of the elite and be recognized for your dedication to promoting an inclusive and equitable workplace.

Companies will gain access to the best practices followed by their peers. 

Companies will share and learn from all the award nominees 

Opportunity to be recognized for the great work you have been doing to keep your organisation safe, inclusive and harmonious. 

The Award will give a sense of purpose to do more in the space of POSH, DEI and EAP.

We are a team of like-minded individuals striving to be the change we wish to see in corporates across the country.

We believe that POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment), D&I (Diversity and Inclusion), and EAP (Employee Assistance Program) are interlinked and integral to building strong, lasting foundations of a workplace; a workplace that exudes an atmosphere of safety, fearlessness, and security to all employees, true to its Latin name, Securus.

Our intent is to achieve 100 percent safe workspaces free from any form of sexual harassment and facilitate organizations which value as well as comprehend the importance of diversity and inclusion, shatter all stigma around mental health and transform workplaces into a pool of talented, happy, and satisfied employees.

Our EAP vertical was incorporated in 2020 with a 200 + clientele spanning across PAN INDIA. We work towards breaking the Taboo around Mental health & counselling. Our team consists of a dynamic group of subject experts who have more than 30 years in the field of mental health.

How do we evaluate?

Initial Assessment

The nominations are subjected to keen assessments based on responses submitted, metrics shared and best practices followed.

Deep Dive Interviews

Meeting with HR/business leaders/stakeholders to understand the depth of impact from the flagship programs.

Award Recognition

Award recognition for organisations with proven records and practices that meet the standards of the flagship programs.

Screening & Documentation Review

2nd round of detailed assessment for shortlisted nominations along with document auditing.

Compiling Scores

Report compiled from aggregate scores from initial screening, inputs from interviews and document audit demonstrating best practices.

Pulse Survey Assessment

The nominations are subjected to keen assessments based on pulse survey responses.

Screening & Documentation Review

2nd round of detailed survey assessment for shortlisted companies along with document auditing.

Deep Dive Interviews

Meeting with HR, business leaders and stakeholders to understand the depth of impact from the flagship programs.

Compiling Scores

Report compiled from aggregate scores from surveys, inputs from interviews and document audit demonstrating best practices.

Award Recognition

Award recognition for organizations with proven records and practices that meet the standards of the flagship programs.

Our Jury Members

Savleen Kaur

Employee Relations

Asia Pacific at BlackRock

Aby Thomas

Associate director – HR


Nanditha Nagaswamy

People Leader

IDP Digital Campus

Joshy Thomas

Asst. General Manager HRD

Hyundai and Author “Salt and Light’

Sara Samuel

Senior Director, HR


Jayamalini Ramaratnam

Regional People Experience Director – South Asia

IDP Education India

Sanketh Ramkrishnamurthy

Head HR


Kurinji Michael


Sujatha Kesh


Dr. Arpitha Velanky


Ramasamy Santhanakrishnan

Lawyer and Partner

Kochhar & Co. Advocates and Legal Consultants


Q1. Is there an application submission fee?

No, there is no fee to apply.

Q2. Will the information reported and submitted in the application be kept private and confidential (i.e., not shared with any members of the public)?

Yes, applications are kept confidential. However, for winners of the CecureUs Award, we do publish their application along with the positive feedback provided by the reviewers. One of Awards mission is to spotlight exemplary programs so that other employers may draw on them for inspiration for their own programs. Winners will be able to edit out any proprietary information from their application prior to posting it for public consumption.

Q3. When will winners be notified, and when will winners be announced?

The winners are notified in July of each year and public announcements are made in September.

Q4. Is there a common source available or recommendations provided to applicants regarding independent third-party evaluation assistance on preparing and documenting the economic value of their programs?

No, we have no specific recommendations for independent third-party evaluators – most often, applications are submitted by the organization itself (using internal resources). But there are occasions that universities, consulting firms, and vendors have assisted in the preparation of the application. All we ask is that those organizations be disclosed as contributing to the application.

Q5. As a former recipient of the CecureUs Award who is planning on re-applying, what are the rules for reusing content from the previous application on the current application, specifically regarding the description about the organization and the program?

If nothing substantial has changed, then you can reuse prior content. However, you may wish to highlight new developments in program design and implementation, if applicable; for example describing innovations and adaptations introduced during the Covid-19 pandemic. The key, as always, is sharing data demonstrating health improvement and relevant business results.

Safe, Healthy and Inclusive workplaces