A Bias – Free workplace
helps build a powerhouse
of an organisation


Inclusive Diversity –
a step towards a smarter,
harmonious workplace.


Break the biases,
make Inclusive Diversity
a part of your organization’s DNA,
unleash the potential of a unified workforce!


Most Organizations are trying to

meet their Diversity numbers,

but how inclusive is your workplace?

CecureUs helps you not just implement, but also practice what we’d like to call Inclusive Diversity, the current need of the hour.

Why must your

organization focus on I&D

(Inclusion and Diversity)?

Diversity and Inclusion Consulting Firms India

More Productive, Innovative and Creative.

Satisfy your diverse customer base.

Embrace an increasingly diverse talent pool.

Your competitors are reaping the benefits, it’s time you did too!

In the Global Diversity Index, India ranks 99 –

quite surprising for a country with the most religions!

With many organizations trying to fulfil their Diversity percentages,

 Inclusion part of I&D has been overlooked, vastly!


Our Workshops on I&D

– Demystifying I&D

– Ageism at workplace

– Ally Skills Workshop

– Ability Inclusion

– Gender Sensitivity

– Aspiration workshop for Women

– Respectful Language at Workplace

– Empathy and Active Listening

– Breaking Bias at Work for Employees

– Reflections: Bias Free for Leaders

– Inclusive Hiring (For Talent Acquisition)

Inclusive Diversity Consulting


Set up I&D Office:

CecureUs assists you to build an in-house I&D office that helps reinforce Inclusive Diversity at your organization, all the while staying relevant to the highly dynamic corporate scenario.


I&D Roadmap:

Inclusion & Diversity is an ongoing effort. 

CecureUs helps you to set goals, equipping you with tools to reach them. 

Build and sustain a culture of Inclusive Diversity backed by solid roadmap!


I&D Audit:

Our team can assess your organization’s I&D index with customized surveys, targeting the different diverse groups of your organization, helping you identify the relevant target groups that need to be focused on.

Viji’s Talk on Audible


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“Managing Unconscious Bias at Work”

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