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10 Commandments of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act

By February 19, 2021December 14th, 2022PoSHViews: 1180

Have you ever been sexually harassed? Have you ever witnessed it happen to someone else?

Sexual harassment is yet another aspect of discrimination and the most effective form to prevent it is to raise awareness and adopt a comprehensive sexual harassment policy.

The implementation of the PoSH Act aims to prevent the occurrence of sexual harassment at work. But if it does occur, an adequate procedure is readily available to deal with it and prevent its occurrence in the future.

Is your workplace safe, secure, and harmonious? Does your organization have a dedicated committee responsible for dealing with any problems of sexual harassment?

Below are 10 commandments for ensuring that sexual harassment doesn’t occur in your organization and help to play a major role in ending sexual harassment at work for good. Any actions or words with sexual intention can drastically impact an employee’s ability to work.

Let’s identity and prevent sexual harassment and focus on maintaining a safe, secure & harmonious work environment.

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