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9 tips for managers to create safe & inclusive workplace

By February 18, 2021July 2nd, 2022Inclusive DiversityViews: 1256

Creating a safe & inclusive workplace starts with hiring individuals with diverse backgrounds but it doesn’t end there!

It has to be noted that both diversity and inclusion are necessary to create a positive environment at work. For an organization to achieve success, every employee has to feel welcome, safe, and confident with their identities. Many times, diversity and inclusion are seen as synonymic to one another but that’s not exactly right. Do you know the exact difference between them?

Diversity refers to the differences & similarities between people and inclusion focuses on embracing them and makes sure that everyone feels accepted for who they are so that they feel safe and valued!

In 2021, make ‘Creating a safe & inclusive workplace’, one of your business resolutions!

Are you convinced about how much a safe and inclusive environment can lead your organization towards greater achievements?

Below is a checklist with 9 pointers that would help you learn how you could transform your organization into a safe & inclusive workplace.

How many of these do you already follow?

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