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Embracing the Seasons: Yoga Practices for Every Time of Year

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Seasons play a significant role and are fundamental in healing an individual. Natural cycles and changes occur in both our bodies and thoughts. Syncing our yoga practice with these seasonal changes enhances the health benefits of yoga and strengthens our connection to the natural world. Yoga can be practiced all year long through the awareness of the qualities of every season. 

Spring: Awakening and Renewal

This time of year, is ideal for reviving our energies and easing the stiffness of winter. Gentle stretches and cleansing practices help to purify the body and get us ready for the busy months to come.

Key Poses: 

Twists like Revolved Triangle or Seated Twist help detoxify and invigorate your internal organ, Mild Backbends will open the chest and lungs, thereby enhancing breath capacity. Exercising in the morning when the atmosphere is new, energizes for the day and harmonizes with the rejuvenating essence of spring.

Greeting The Earth Pose (Bhunamanasana)

Half Bound Lotus Forward Fold (Ardha Baddha Padma Paschimottanasana)


Summer: Vitality and Strength

Summertime requires a routine that enhances strength and vigour because of its lengthy days and copious amounts of energy. It is the moment to relish intense movements that warm the body and uplift the soul.

Key Poses: 

Surya Namaskar is ideal for warming up the body and honouring the energy of the sun. Inversions like Handstand or Headstand invigorate and cool the body simultaneously.

Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar)

Legs Up The Wall (Viparita Karani)

Autumn: Letting Go and Grounding

Grounding yoga techniques, which steady the energy and prepare the body for winter’s slower pace, are ideal during this season. Including breathing techniques such as pranayama to stay warm and focused when the air cools, also helps.

Key Poses: 

Forward Bends encourage introspection and calming of the mind. Seated Poses such as Lotus or Easy Pose enhance meditation focus. Hip Openers like Pigeon or Butterfly Pose release stress and promote grounding.

Bhujangasana Variation Elbows Back

Supta Virasana Variation Elbows

Winter: Conservation and Reflection

Winter is the time for nurturing, healing, and meditative practices that conserve energy and foster internal awareness. Engaging in practices during the late afternoon combats the darkness and cold of winter days.

Key Poses: 

Gentle Twists help maintain spinal health and digestive function. Supported bridge pose with benefits of a mild inversion without requiring a lot of energy can be done.

Maha Mudra

Uddiyana Bandha


Creating a harmonious balance between the environment and internal state is essential. Let’s allow the characteristics of each season to direct the yoga practice thereby paying attention to body’s requirements and enjoying the natural cycles of life.

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