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9 Tips To Secure Your WFH Space From Sexual Harassment

By June 2, 2021July 2nd, 2022Blogs, PoSH, Uncategorized
Each and everyone one among us wants to feel respected and appreciated in our workplaces.
However, sometimes for no fault of ours, we may be targeted and harassed at our workspaces. Sometimes, we might even unknowingly infringe on our colleague’s lives and harass them.
With the increase in work-from-home or WFH, instances of online harassment have increased significantly as many people falsely believe that they are safe behind screens.
No matter what, whether received knowingly or unknowingly, whether performed wittingly or unwittingly, Harassment is harassment and should be avoided at all costs.
Every employee has the right to feel safe. It is every employee’s duty to not put others in a position of discomfiture.
It is every organisation?s duty to help and educate the employees.
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