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7 Major Differences Between Workplace Harassment & Sexual Harassment

By January 26, 2021December 15th, 2022PoSHViews: 5821

?You are so fat, you should skip your breakfast.?

“You smell so good, it is mesmerizing”

“My boss keeps yelling at me in front of everyone”

Should these be classified under Sexual harassment or Workplace harassment?

Workplace harassment happens in many forms. They can either be sexual or non-sexual and may or may not have physical evidence.

Have you ever been a victim of harassment? Have you ever been sexually, verbally, or psychologically harassed?

Have you ever watched it happen to someone else?

Does your organization provide a safe workplace for everyone?

As a HR or PoSH committee member, it is all the more important for you to know the differences on how to classify and handle workplace harassment and sexual harassment.

Have you faced instances of harassment and are not sure whether it falls under workplace or sexual harassment? Share with us or write to us at to know more on this topic.

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