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Tips To Maintain Fitness From Home During The 2021 Pandemic

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It has been over one and a half years since the global pandemic, and our professional world has physically and literally invaded our homes. The demarcation between our homes, schools, and offices has vanished, clubbing them into a single entity operating under one roof. Owing to the pandemic, we are caught up in the web of multi-tasking, parallelly managing our households and jobs, striving to achieve a balance in schedules, only to notice that we spend almost eight to ten hours per day in front of the laptop/computer screens and our physical fitness has gone for a toss. Poor posture, sleep deprivation and lessened energy levels, lack of physical activities and stretching, and improper hydration have impacted our general and physical fitness during the pandemic and given rise to exhaustion and fatigue.

The wellness webinar session conducted by CecureUs?with fitness expert Mr. Avinash has enlightened the audience on the need for physical fitness and activities to achieve physical fitness during the pandemic and the correct postures to maintain during work-from-home times.

Physical fitness?is the state of well-being that helps us perform our day-to-day activities with minimal exhaustion. According to Wikipedia, physical fitness can be obtained by proper nutrition and hydration, moderate to strenuous exercises, and adequate rest. The?global pandemic?and the continuous?work-from-home?culture have crashed the physical fitness of many, no denying it. But how many of us have understood the depth of the issue and have taken steps to overcome it?

If you are one of those who do not know the impact of the lack of physical activities and have not taken that first step to physical fitness during the pandemic, act now. Because this is the right time to change your lifestyle, incorporate activities to raise your energy levels to achieve that physical fitness.


One of the primary reasons for low energy levels is the lack of oxygen supply to various body parts. Posture directly impacts the blood supply to organs and physical fitness. The dictionary definition of posture is how or in what position a person holds their body while sitting, standing, or moving. Our human body is designed with symmetry to achieve equilibrium and proper blood circulation throughout the body, which is prime to physical fitness. Essentially, our spine should always be erect, and our body should be aligned with it for physical fitness. Poor postures like drooping shoulders, forward head, hunching spine, or bent knees disturb the balance of the body and lead to improper weight distribution and pressure on the spinal cord and limbs, leading to a lack of energy and several issues, including disc compression, nerve pinch, joint discomfort, and many more. One of the impacts of the pandemic and the continuous work-from-home culture is that, along with other physical activities, posture has gone for a toss.

Tips to achieve the correct posture while working with systems:

  1. Every few minutes, consciously and cautiously watch out and correct the posture by aligning the limbs, neck, and hips with the spine.
  2. Maintain ergonomics by using chairs and tables with proper lumbar support, feet and hand support, and correct viewing angles and distance for the eyes, neck, and shoulders to relax.
  3. Avoid prolonged sitting as it leads to diminished physical fitness, discomfort, and pain due to modified postures, herniated discs due to excess pressure on the spine, reduced thoracic and hip mobilities, and reduced blood circulation to lower limbs.
  4. Practicing yoga postures regularly, like Svanasana, Sarvangasana, Upavishta konasana, and Buddha konasana, helps correct postures and ups the physical fitness game.
Being vigilant of our postures while working with computers and laptops can greatly avert health issues caused by poor posture in the future.


Mobility is the active movement of our limbs achieved by flexing our respective joints. Our lifestyles and comfort achieved through modern-day appliances have impacted our flexibility to a great extent. Repeatedly practicing stretching exercises of the whole body, investing 15 minutes in a day for the same, can improve the range of motion of various body muscles and helps us achieve flexibility.

How does mobility help?

Mobility helps in physical fitness by keeping our body active and aids in correcting postures. The more we move, the more flexible we become. Most of us who adhere to an active lifestyle take up walking as an everyday habit. But walking should not be confined to the one-hour early morning or evening walks. One should walk about 10000 to 12000 steps a day by distributing the steps throughout the day. This helps immensely in avoiding prolonged sitting and its associated health risks. One of the best ways to achieve physical fitness, energy spike, and mobility during the pandemic would be to take a brisk 2-minute walk every now and then and between work. Stretching the spine, neck, hands, and legs frequently aids in improved blood circulation throughout the body, especially for those working for long hours with laptops/computers during this pandemic.


Many of us believe that eating well leads to an increased energy level. However, we need to deeply understand our energy and how it manifests itself to help our mobility and physical fitness. Our energy levels are proportional to the nutrient content of our bodies. To feel energetic and active, we should maintain an above-average nutrient level by consuming a healthy balanced diet. Our human body is a hub of fuel reserve. But for that energy to be released appropriately, physical activities are a must. Yoga, running, walking, cycling, dancing, etc…, are a few physical activities. So,?a balanced diet combined with an active lifestyle boosts our metabolism?and makes us feel physically fit and active. Physical activities, breathing, hydration, and emotional wellness contribute to fitness. Breathing should always be diaphragmatic and not shallow. Drinking 3 litres of water every day keeps us well hydrated.?Mindfulness and a stress-free lifestyle?can be achieved through yoga, physical activities, and meditation.

Audience Questionnaire:

Here are the responses of Mr. Avinash to the audience questionnaire.

How do we achieve correct posture during this pandemic, with the furniture available at home?

Mr. Avinash:?You must invest in a chair that provides good lumbar support. However, be aware of your posture at all times. Your feet should be placed on the ground, and you should maintain the correct angle with the keyboard and monitor. Avoid cushiony chairs and sofas, and opt for hard ones to support correct postures.

How to maintain an above-average nutrient level for good energy?

Mr. Avinash:?Nutrition levels are subjective to every individual. Take the help of a nutritionist to access your diet. Incorporate more fruits and vegetables to get the micronutrients needed by the body. We should Plugin the nutrition gap by opting for plant-based supplements if required.

I follow intermittent fasting, but I don?t have an exercise regimen. Will I still lose weight?

Mr. Avinsh:?Intermittent fasting helps our body function efficiently with the available energy, and it is beneficial to rid the body of its toxins. However, for weight loss, it is not a long-term solution. Weight loss by intermittent fasting depends on how overweight the individual is, and it differs from one person to another. An individual who is 25kgs overweight cannot achieve the ideal weight by intermittent fasting alone.

Can sitting in Vajrasan be beneficial?

Mr. Avinash:?Sitting in Vajrasan temporarily reduces the blood supply to the lower body, which leads to an increased blood supply to the abdominal region. So, sitting in Vajrasana post-heavy meal can help in digestion and metabolism. In general, all yoga postures help physical fitness.

I feel worn out after exercise rather than feeling energetic. How can I overcome this?

Mr. Avinash:?Strenuous exercise can be tiring. But if you feel tired with regular training like a 20-minute treadmill or an hour walking, your nutrition quotient and hydration are low. You have to bring up your micronutrients by consuming a balanced diet.

How to bring our gut health back on track?

Mr. Avinash:?Gut imbalance can be corrected by consuming a variety of fiber-rich foods. Include more herbs like thyme, basil, mint, etc., in your diet. Stay hydrated and avoid overly spicy foods that will harm the good bacteria in the gut. As much as possible, bypass stress and adapt ways to overcome and tackle emotional issues.

Habits are not a finish line to be crossed; they are a lifestyle to be lived ? James Clear.

Physical fitness is a habit to be cultivated rather than a goal to be achieved. So get started today! Let us utilize this?pandemic?work-from-home?as an opportunity to progress towards physical and mental fitness.

Contact Us?if you are concerned about yourself or a loved one.?Book an Appointment today or Call us. Do not miss out on our?Cecureus Wellness Workshops?that are being conducted every week to guide you with various coping strategies during the current pandemic.

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