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5 Signs That Your Employee Needs Counselling

By January 22, 2021May 31st, 2021Employee Assistance Program, VlogsViews: 690

Any stress in the personal life or work life or social-economic conditions can impact a person’s mental health.
Mental Illness impacts a person’s mood, behavior, and thinking.

5 Signs:
– Change in Habits – unkempt hair/dressing, beard, overeating or skipping lunch or is lying or giving excuses
– Short temper or Mood swings
– Absenteeism or late to work or missing deadlines, performance dipping, or lack of productivity
– Addiction: to Smoking, drugs, or alcohol
– Change in Appearance – Tired, Weight gain or Weight loss, or lack of sleep

How can you help your colleagues:
Bring it to the attention of the HR, or the manager and validate the opinion without judging the person. Get an expert to talk to the employee and guide them to seek the help of a counsellor or take some time off.

Employee Assistance Program is vital for every organization to create a happier workplace for all.


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