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    Prevention of Sexual Harassment Offerings


    Employees / Manager Awareness Trainings:

    Empower your employees to understand the nuances of sexual harassment and its seriousness.

    Our workshop will equip them to Speak Up and Say ‘No’ as a Victim or a Witness.

    We understand that managers are the first point of contact with all employees and help in identifying and preventing any incidents at the early stage.

    We help equip managers with the much-needed empathy towards Sexual Harassment, enabling them to respond better to complaints that may arise.


    Train the Trainer

    CecureUs helps you transform your trainers into experts on PoSH.

    Equip the trainers to break the taboo around sexual harassment, to help them embolden employees against occurrences. Enable trainers to steer the organization away from misconceived notions around PoSH laws and procedures.

    PoSH training support provided for trainers.


    Train your Internal Committee Members

    We simplify the PoSH Law in layman terms for the IC members, made more relatable with real life scenarios.

    Our custom designed Role-plays, with a plethora of case-based scenarios and situations helps IC members grasp their responsibilities and equips them to handle incidents better.

    We arm your IC members with unbiased attitude to inquire a case.

    Reiterate the IC members’ responsibility in Preventing and Redressing Sexual Harassment, thus creating secure and harmonious workplace.


    End to End Compliance

    From drawing up the policies to ensuring that your organization is 100% compliant to the PoSH laws, we guarantee you a hassle-free implementation of end to end compliance.


    3rd Party Empanelment

    Looking to hire third party experts / External IC member to handle PoSH Complaints and Inquiries?

    An?Annuity Package, or a case-to-case handling,

    CecureUs got you covered!



    Cecureus offers e-learning programs to your employees – anytime, anywhere.


    Curated text content created based on the interactions with more than 10,000 employees across various industries, with real life scenarios.

    Empower employees with do's, don'ts and the know-how of dealing with an incident

    Our crisp bite sized modules, educate employees on the internal committee (IC) role, the PoSH law, their rights and duties with graded quizzes and certification.

    Let's Build Secure & Harmonious Workplaces